Booking Upstairs

*We will not be booking parties until we are out of Phase 4 in King County, Washington State, USA.

Thank you for your interest in the upstairs space at El Chupacabra Alki! When things are back to ‘normal’ and we can have groups again this page has information about our booking policies. Please note we only take Fall and Winter bookings as our Summer/Season is high volume.

We will need the following info to assess your reservation request:

  • Estimated size headcount for your party
  • What is the start and end time for your party
  • Specific date that you are interested in. (Fall and Winter months only)
  • We do not take reservations for more than 3 months in advance. If you are interested in a date next year, please keep in mind that our prices and policies may change.

To book email the date, time, and headcount to and we will send you an “El Chupacabra Alki Private Party Room Contract” to fill out if your request is available.

*Please note that email is the preferred method of communication for party planing and your reservation will not be held until the contract is returned to us filled out.

The minimum payment is based on date and party size:

Fall/Winter minimum payment for each day of the week is as follows

  1. Weekday. 1000 dollar party minimum.  (1 – 50 people, Monday to Thursday)
  2. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday any size party. 1500 dollar party minimum. (1 – 50 people)

Additional party details:

  • Will you be planning a sit-down meal or just drinking and having appetizers? (*we do not have a buffet but you are welcome to order items off of our menu to put out on one table to share.)
  • We have a ping pong table! Would you like to use it or have it moved out of the space before the party?
  • What type of drink service are you offering? IE Open Bar, Limited Open Bar, Cash Bar?
  • Do you have any special requests or additional questions?

What is a minimum & how payment works:

There is a minimum payment required that will apply to the total bill for the party and is not a separate fee.

We require a primary card provided in person at the start of your event this can be different than the card on your contract.  If you do not reach the minimum total by the end of your event, we will charge the difference to the primary card when you close out. An 18% gratuity is added to all event tabs.

If your party would like separate tabs during your stay, please let the staff know beforehand. Not to fret– if your party has separate tabs, we will count the total of all the transactions during your party for your minimum total.

Frequently asked questions…

  • We need two or more weeks’ notice for all parties. 
  • You must return the filled out Private Party Room Contract to secure the room.
  • You will have the inside and patio with no public admittance. This includes the indoor tables, bar, and outside patio section on the second floor.
  • The event time blocks are 5 hours (we can be flexible if your event is expected to last longer).
  • We do not take reservations for the downstairs or for individual tables, there is a first come first serve list for walk-in patrons.
  • The date you want might unavailable during peak days or depending on bookings that have already been made. We apologize in advance if we cannot accommodate a specific date and time.


  • You may order items off of the menu when your party arrives. No pre-order available for food or drinks at this time.
  • If you come between 4-6 every day there is a Happy Hour food and drink menu!
  • Please take note that we do not provide special event pricing and do not have a buffet or catering menu.
  • All food is prepared at the time of party arrival to avoid food loss from late or canceled reservations.